We are glad to inform you that RIGVIL provide services to prepare Detailed Geo-technical investigation Report(GTI Report) as per available field and laboratory data provided by Lab/ Drillers or including lab testing (if required).

Our GTI Report includes:

  • Introduction of Project
  • Scope of the work
  • Planning of Geotechnical investigation
  • Borehole location Plan
  • Methodology
  • Detailed Soil/ Rock borelogs and Lithological logs
  • Subsurface Profiling
  • Graphical representation of SPT with correction plot
  • Field data interpretation.
  • Classification of rock
  • Laboratory testing with photographs, Lab results
  • Field test results, Core box photos
  • Surface condition, Ground water condition
  • Geotechnical assessment, foundation recommendations
  • Allowable bearing capacity and Settlement calculation
  • Liquefaction analysis etc.

Reports can be tailor made as per client’s requirement/ designer’s requirement. Necessary technical specifications/ laboratory schedules can also be supplied/ prepared before/ during the soil investigation which can drastically curtail field investigation and lab testing cost.