• Topographic survey
  • Pavement study and Rigid/flexible pavement design
  • Axle load surveys
  • Traffic survey
  • Subgrade/material Investigations including Field CBR Test
  • Trial pits with undisturbed sampling and bulk sampling

Topographic survey

Rigvil, carries out Topographic survey and undertakes all the responsibility of providing
detailed survey data for design of structures.
Our services includes

  • Scanning works
  • Topographic Survey for Road, Railway, Bridge, Cannel ,Pipeline & Electrical.
  • Tower line Survey.
  • Contour survey.
  • Hydrographic survey/Bathymetric survey.
  • Preparation of Land Acquisition Proposal.

Pavement study and design

Rigvil carries pavement study and design for flexible and rigid pavement and gives
Satisfactory performance and results for overall economic feasibility of the project.

  • BBD Surveys
  • DCP tests
  • Axle load surveys-Rigvil provides services to measure Axle loads and gross vehicle
    weights by static or dynamic methods.
  • Subgrade Investigations including Field CBR Test-Rigvil provides service to carry
  • Subgrade / material survey to locate potential sources of soil, sand, gravel, rock, and other major construction materials.
  • Flexible and Rigid Pavement Design

Traffic survey

Rigvil provide services to measure Traffic counts which gives the source data used to calculate the Annual Average
Daily Traffic (AADT) to represent traffic volume.

Road and Highway Design

Traffic design, pavement design, Junction design, drainage design, roundabout design,
road furniture, traffic diversion etc.

Trial pits with undisturbed sampling and Bulk sampling

Rigvil provides service to carry trial pits as per client’s requirement, collect
Samples in bulk quantity, perform laboratory test to depict sub-grade material and Condition of existing crust.

Feasibility study

Pre-feasibility, techno-economic feasibility studies and schedule preparation.